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It's been nearly 20 years since a man was brutally beaten to death in San Luis Obispo and that case is still unsolved. Police said 70-year-old Frank Gove was killed on March 7, 1990. He was beaten to death while working at his son's baseball shop. It was located in the 1900-block of Santa Barbara Street.

It was a horrific scene Gove's family will never forget. They just keep hoping justice will one day be served for their loved one. Linda Barbieri, Gove's daughter, said, "We will find the person, I have no doubts. There are new ways of tracking people so someday they will find them."

The story even aired on "America's Most Wanted." A reenactment of what may have happened was shown. Detectives aren't sure what weapon was used but they said something was used to kill Gove.

Lieutenant Steve Tolley, San Luis Obispo police, said, "It looks like there were several blows to the back of the head." Cases were also smashed, baseball cards and memorabilia were taken from the store.

Lt. Tolley said, "It looks like there's a possibility Mr. Gove may have known the suspect and it started off as a robbery and unfortunately ended up as a homicide." Investigators said customers had just left when the crime occurred. "I'm hoping the police department is able to give the family closure with the arrest and prosecution of a suspect that's our goal from day one," said Lt. Tolley.

Barbieri said, "Do we think about dad all the time? Absolutely. Every place I go when I see a baseball card, when I see memorabilia, do I look to see if there's a piece that might fit to the puzzle that we don't have? Absolutely."

The family and police said they'll continue searching for answers. Gove's daughter said what made the death even more difficult her parents were getting ready to celebrate their 49th anniversary. They had planned a special dinner. Police said they've spent thousands of man hours working this case and have flown around the country following hundreds of leads.

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I received permission from America's Most Wanted to put the copy of the segment they ran on YouTube. I'm having it copied from VHS to DVD from a professional service so it will be available in a couple of days. It would greatly appreciated if you emailed the link or shared it with as many people as possible. Thank you!!!!

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This blog is a work in progress. As permissions are granted to re-publish copyrighted material I will post it. Frank's story has been shared on Inside Edition, America's Most Wanted, and local San Luis Obispo networks and publications. More facts will be published shortly as well.

On March 7, 1990, Frank, and his wife, Iva, were supposed to attend a 49th anniversary dinner celebration with his children. Frank did not show up for dinner and there was no answer at Central Coast Baseball Cards(his son's store). It was apparent quickly that something was wrong. Someone came back to the shop and killed him in an apparent robbery. Some of the most notable items taken were Hartland Statues. These were his son's more personal collection and have the initials, "RAG" scratched into the plastic. The murder weapon was never recovered, nor any of the well documented stolen items. Tips came in to the San Luis Obispo Police Department, but nothing has ever lead to any arrests.

This case has been passed down to several hard working detectives who have emotional ties to this case now. Frank was a beloved member in the San Luis Obispo community with his hands in many venues. He knew what service was and was constantly busy. He gave out bubble gum to kids stopping in on their way home from school and engaged them in his wealth of baseball knowledge. He was a father, a grandfather, a husband, a brother, a generous friend, and a cheerful acquaintance among many other hats he wore.

If you know anything regarding the homicide of Frank Gove, please call the San Luis Obispo Police Department at 805-781-7317.